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Our mission is to have a positive impact on your life. In every situation mindset matters. Improving performance and well-being is the focus of Achieveminds services. Understanding and supporting the client to become healthier while achieving their individual goals. We provide performance coaching, represent talent in esports & sports, as well as create performance structures in teams and organizations.

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“Achieveminds offers a fresh outlook into esports performance, with a strategy that focuses on the athletes and teams’ well-being.”
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Talent Representation

We are in constant battle with ourselves and opponents throughout the year due to competition. Time is rare, so you must choose a partner that you can rely and trust on. Negotiations are stressful, competition is stressful and finding the balance of a healthy successful life becomes very difficult. Our ambition is to tackle each of those situations with you, for you. The focus of our agency is to support you in the way that you can focus on your job while we support you with an all-round support package, to maximize performance and well-being.

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Performance Coaching

Society has changed, the speed has increased, and the stress built up. Being able to have the time to reflect, lock back and forward is therefore essential. Having a person that is there to listen and put a different perspective to the problems and situations can be a game changer. Our performance coaching focuses on performance as well as well-being, regeneration and stress management, goal setting, motivation, confidence, dealing with setbacks, competition preparation.

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Performance Setup

Esports is evolving, athletes and performance landscape changes, therefore you want to be ahead of the competition to set up a performance structure.The investors and sponsors need results and with a holistic performance approach we can increase the likelihood of winning by using the full potential of individuals and therefore create a better functioning team through : Year scheduling, Integration of team interventions and team building, role clarification and communication patterns, goal alignments, coaches support, environmental changes to foster talent welfare and performance

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The athletes
about Achieveminds

Marc "Caedrel" Lamont (2021)

Fabian changed my approach to competing as a professional, and practically turned my life around mentally and physically to help me reach higher highs and avoid lower lows

Alfonso "Mithy" Aguirre Rodriguez (2019)

Fabian helped us keep the team bonded through thick and thin. He guided the squad outside of the game physically and mentally so we could perform at our best, motivated us when there was doubt and helped us deal with the stress of high level competition, keeping us united.

Kiss "Vizicsacsi" Tamás (2022)

"I chose to work together with Fabian since he is one of the most trustworthy person I have ever met in esports. He is extremely reliable, capable and someone you can turn to with everything and know fully well that you will be listened carefully to. "

Elias "Upset" Lipp (2022)

Always positive and supportive person, helping you reach your best performance and also a good and trustworthy friend.

Maurice "Amazing" Stückenschneider (2019)

Being a sports psychologist by title is one thing, being one by heart is another. Very few people in the entire industry even come close to the work ethic, passion and compassion that Fabian carries over into every single day of work which enabled me to be the very best version of my professional self

Erlend "Nukeduck" Holm (2022)

What makes Fabian so good is that he is not only good as a sport psychologist, he also has a lot of knowledge and experience with physical training. This makes him a game changer for any player lucky enough to have him

Patrik "Patrik" Jírů (2019)

Fabian was an extremely valuable part of our team this year (2019). He is there for players as a friend, emotional support and to help them reach their peaks both outside and inside the game.

Barney "Alphari" Morris (2019)

Fabian has shown me how much more there is to esports than purely skill and drive - helping me not only to become a better player, but also teammate and person. After working with him, I am still inspired by the passion and selflessness he puts into his work, to further push players and teams to be the best possible versions of themselves.

Simon "Swiffer" Papamarkos (2021)

'I've had the pleasure of knowing Fabian for just over 2 years and in this time I've come to know him as somebody that deeply cares about the well-being of the people around him. When I became a free agent and he set up his agency, it was such an easy choice having Fabian represent me. He's done everything he can to ensure that my negotiation period went smoothly, facilitated my move from Australia to Berlin without any hiccup and checks in with me regularly to make sure that I'm developing as a person. Love ya work Fabi.'

Jørgen "Hatrixx" Elgåen (2022)

"Fabian was a great help for me during our time in Excel, and has continuted to do that great work as my agent. He's helped me both in terms of finding and negotiating with teams, aswell as helping me with my personal life with things like nutrition, sleep and excercise. I've been sleeping better, learnt to deal with stress better, and overall feel better."

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Achieveminds 1 Year Anniversary

Achieveminds Agency celebrates its 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY?

Unlocking Digital Audiences HORIZM

Working with Horizm provides us tools to improve the talents digital performance through providing insights across their different accounts that will help them define their brand, deliver better content and create new fandom


Moist Esports are RLCS Spring Major Champs. 130,000 online, 6,000 fans in the London Arena watched the big tournament this weekend.

Better together

Engelbert Strauss

Engelbert Strauss designed the “Achieveminds” clothing collection for the new performance consultancy agency.

Being a part of Achieveminds, means being role models for the younger generation. The agency aims to show its athlete integrity through the same clothing.

Achieveminds will support talent to reach new heights in performance and personal development, which underlines the slogan “ mindset matters “.


AM Sport is a leading supplement company in traditional sports in Germany. AM Sport provides supplements and products for the athletes to be rightly fuelled for competition and regeneration.

The human performance and well-being factors are the absolute priority for AM Sport and Achieveminds.