Talent Representation


Being a leading esports professional is tough. Competitions take place throughout the year, training can get intense and you’re constantly pushing yourself to be the best. On top of that, you have to deal with contract negotiations, tax and much more. It means that becoming the best in the game can become extremely stressful.

We offer support to esports talent, helping them deal with the business side of being a pro gamer to give them the opportunity to focus on their gaming performance and general wellbeing. Every single decision we make, we put the athlete first. We work with talent, collectively making decisions that are the right one for them, to set them up for success in their career.


At the start of every relationship, we sit down with talent to get to know them better as a person and understand what their career priorities are. This helps us shape their long-term future as a pro gamer and helps us collectively find the best solution at every stage of their career.


We work with legal experts to help talent negotiate the best contracts possible.

Tax Advisory

We recommend tax experts, to ensure the talent we represent don’t need to worry about complying with the intricacies of tax laws in different countries.

Health Insurance Support

Health is integral. We support all our pro gamers in finding the best health insurance individually, so they can get the care they need if they ever suffer an injury.

Performance Coaching

All our pro gamers get access to best-in-class performance coaching, to aid their development as a professional gamer in both. Having a nutritionist, sports psychologist and sport scientist in the team.