Performance Coaching


Being a leading esports professional is tough. Competitions take place throughout the year, training can get intense and you’re constantly pushing yourself to be the best. On top of that, you have to deal with contract negotiations, tax and much more. It means that becoming the best in the game can become extremely stressful.

We offer support to esports talent, helping them deal with the business side of being a pro gamer to give them the opportunity to focus on their gaming performance and general wellbeing. Every single decision we make, we put the athlete first. We work with talent, collectively making decisions that are the right one for them, to set them up for success in their career.

Goal setting

We set short, mid and long-term goals with all our esports professionals to help them map out exactly what they want to achieve. We regularly set-up performance reviews, to assess how our professionals are progressing and see how we can further support them achieve their goals.

Nutrition guidance

What you eat and drink can affect your performance. We assess your diet to ensure you’re eating the right foods and getting the best nutrients to help you train and perform better. We then create bespoke diet plans, even tailoring these diets to ensure you’re getting the best nutrients during travel and game days.

Stress management

Becoming the best at your esport can be stressful. We help our talent understand different stressors and create coping mechanisms so they can be prepared to manage them better in future scenarios.

Sleep optimization

Lack of sleep can be very detrimental to performance. We help gamers optimise their sleeping patterns by giving them useful sleeping tips. We also educate them how to create healthy sleeping routines, to make sure they wake up in the right frame of mind to compete.

Competition preparation

Dealing with the mental challenges of performing in the biggest arenas and competitions can be difficult. We help pro gamers create an excellence mindset, focusing on their individual strengths, sleep and nutrition to prepare our gamers to manage game days to the best of their ability.

Dealing with setbacks

As a professional gamer, you’ll have many highs as well as lows. We help you learn how to overcome setbacks so you can move forward in your career and achieve the success you desire.