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Esports Schedule Monotony- The Performance Killer

We will talk in this article about the current state of esports practice schedules, focus span of a human being, monotony and the impact on brain and stress + the effects of having a periodized practice schedule .

Esports Performance Tool

Tracking stress, sleep, winrates, potential fullfilled, nutrition, sports and breaks.

Esports Performance Factors - Be The Best

Esports performance is not just winning or losing a game in fact there are many factors in order to optimize your play, potential and perform consistently to be and become the best.

Achieveminds 2022 in Numbers

One year ago we created Achieveminds agency. An esports performance agency.

Achieveminds 1 Year Anniversary

Achieveminds Agency celebrates its 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY?

Unlocking Digital Audiences HORIZM

Now, through working with Horizm, we have the tools to improve their digital performance


Moist Esports are RLCS Spring Major Champs. 130,000 online, 6,000 fans in the London Arena watched the big tournament this weekend.

AM x Talent Pathway ID

Achieveminds Partners With Talent Pathway iD To Offer Holistic Approach To Esports Athlete Development

Road to Pro - Caltys (Press)

Maya Henckel is one of the strongest female players in League of Legends and respective one of the top performing ADCs in the EUW server. Kicker esports is following Maya monthly to follow her and her dream of becoming a pro.