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Adrian “Trymbi” Trybus Returns to LEC with Heretics

Adrian "Trymbi" Trybus Returns to LEC with Heretics
Alexander "br0" Bro comes back to Astralis CS

Alexander “br0” Bro comes back to Astralis CS

In the dynamic world of esports, few stories resonate as deeply as that of Alexander “br0” Bro’s return to Astralis. After refining his skills with the Astralis Talent team, Alex set forth on a transformative journey, one that would challenge his abilities and reshape his future. From Talent to Triumph: Alex’s Path to RedemptionHaving experienced […]
Jeskla Portrait Ramboot Club

Former LEC Player Jeskla Makes Comeback, Joins Ramboot Club in Spanish LVP

Jeskla embarks on a new chapter in his esports career by signing with Ramboot Club in the Spanish LVP. With a recent triumph in the LFL 2023 under his belt, Jeskla brings experience and skill to the table as he sets his sights on EMEA success with his new team.
Portrait of Pro Player Finn, joining Rogue in the LEC 2024

Finn Returns to the LEC with Rogue: A Remarkable Comeback Story

We are thrilled to announce the return of Finn to the LEC as he joins Rogue, marking a remarkable comeback journey for the talented player.
Portrait of pro player syrsoN and JDC

BIG Announces Full German Roster with syrsoN and JDC

BIG, the Berlin-based organization, has unveiled its latest iteration of talent: a full German roster featuring the return of syrsoN and the addition of JDC.

Esports Schedule Monotony- The Performance Killer

We will talk in this article about the current state of esports practice schedules, focus span of a human being, monotony and the impact on brain and stress + the effects of having a periodized practice schedule .

Esports Performance Tool

Tracking stress, sleep, winrates, potential fullfilled, nutrition, sports and breaks.

Esports Performance Factors – Be The Best

Esports performance is not just winning or losing a game in fact there are many factors in order to optimize your play, potential and perform consistently to be and become the best.

Achieveminds 2022 in Numbers

One year ago we created Achieveminds agency. An esports performance agency.