Performance Setup


Being a leading esports professional is tough. Competitions take place throughout the year, training can get intense and you’re constantly pushing yourself to be the best. On top of that, you have to deal with contract negotiations, tax and much more. It means that becoming the best in the game can become extremely stressful.

We offer support to esports talent, helping them deal with the business side of being a pro gamer to give them the opportunity to focus on their gaming performance and general wellbeing. Every single decision we make, we put the athlete first. We work with talent, collectively making decisions that are the right one for them, to set them up for success in their career.


The schedules of esports teams are constantly changing, fluctuating between high and low intensity during the competition, pre-season or off-season phases of the year. We help organisations assess their schedules and ensure they’re set up for success at all stages throughout the season, so their gamers can manage their energy levels, prevent burnout and take breaks to recover when necessary.

Team building

Setting team values and enhancing team cohesion is integral. We help esports teams and their performance coaches set strong, core team values, educate them on how to unite a team and implement team building workshops and games to build cohesion.

Goal alignment

Goal setting is important for teams, individuals and coaches to help them achieve their desired results during a season. We help teams build out short, mid and long-term goals that all drive towards the same overarching mission and vision for victory.

Coaching support

We support coaches improve too, utilising Fabian Broich’s own, world-first thesis on ‘coaching esports coaches’ that he completed during his MA at the German Sport University, Cologne, to give them the advice and guidance they need to better themselves. We help coaches themselves deal with the psychological elements of coaching, support them with stress management and even support them in giving motivational speeches to their team.

Injury prevention

Preventing injuries in pro gamers is integral to achieving desired results throughout the year, particularly for team esports. We help performance coaches implement warm-up, cool-down and stretching routines to prevent players from suffering setbacks, to ensure you have your best players throughout the season.

Team communication

Team communication is essential to achieving the best results. We help teams with individual, group and in-game communication to communicate better.

Environmental changes

The environment teams operate in is constantly changing, from scrimming rooms, to boot camp facilities, to the competition arena itself. We help coaches prepare players for the constant changing of the environment to ensure they can stay focused on the game itself.