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Achieveminds is an esports performance consultancy that puts wellbeing and performance at the heart of everything it does. Our mission is to positively impact everyone we represent, helping them achieve their goals in the healthiest way possible. We represent leading esports talent, supporting them to manage both the business and performance challenges that come with being an elite gaming professional, as well as esports organisations that want to create industry leading performance structures and strategies. Our services:

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Adrian “Trymbi” Trybus Returns to LEC with Heretics

Adrian "Trymbi" Trybus Returns to LEC with Heretics
Alexander "br0" Bro comes back to Astralis CS

Alexander “br0” Bro comes back to Astralis CS

In the dynamic world of esports, few stories resonate as deeply as that of Alexander “br0” Bro’s return to Astralis. After refining his skills with the Astralis Talent team, Alex set forth on a transformative journey, one that would challenge his abilities and reshape his future. From Talent to Triumph: Alex’s Path to RedemptionHaving experienced […]
Jeskla Portrait Ramboot Club

Former LEC Player Jeskla Makes Comeback, Joins Ramboot Club in Spanish LVP

Jeskla embarks on a new chapter in his esports career by signing with Ramboot Club in the Spanish LVP. With a recent triumph in the LFL 2023 under his belt, Jeskla brings experience and skill to the table as he sets his sights on EMEA success with his new team.

Better together

Engelbert Strauss

Engelbert Strauss designed the “Achieveminds” clothing collection for the new performance consultancy agency.

Being a part of Achieveminds, means being role models for the younger generation. The agency aims to show its athlete integrity through the same clothing.

Achieveminds will support talent to reach new heights in performance and personal development, which underlines the slogan “ mindset matters “.

Talent Pathway ID

The Talent Pathway iD team are world leading sports scientists, with over 25 years in performance pathway research. Using artificial Intelligence the Talent Pathway iD team have built a ground breaking application that finally allows the analysis of all the data and their interactions collectively.

TPiD will use AI to offer esports intelligent and bespoke data insights to improve and optimise the balance between athlete performance and well-being to help more talent make it to the top.
Achieveminds, the performance consultant agency for professional esports players and organisations, has teamed up with Talent Pathway iD (TPiD) to create an improved data-driven and holistic approach to esports coaching and player development.