LATEGAME Esports Drink

I proudly present LATEGAME – Esports Performance Drink
created by Achieveminds and AMSPORT.

In our collab, we have targeted a drink that increases alertness and focus while not impairing sleep. Often players have games and competition in the evenings. Many people take energy drink or coffee during late hours. The usual energy booster or drinks contain btw 100-250mg caffeine, we use 2,4mg. Due to the big amount of caffeine their heart rate increases hugely & afterwards they cant fall asleep due the long lasting effect on especially high dosages of caffeine.

Hence we now have a drink that improves focus and does not impair sleep. Homepage:

– fresh taste
– optimizing focus
– stable cognitive function
– multivitamins
– unique formula
– natural caffeine (2,4mg only)
– does not impair sleep

Special ingredients :

Green tea extract
A small amount of 2,4mg caffeine comes from green tea extract. Thanks to its binding to numerous amino acids, the low caffeine content works very slowly and gently. As a result the effect lasts significantly longer.

The L-theanine:
Calming effect and thus counteracts the caffeine. It reduces stress, increases alertness and improves stamina. In addition, it improves sleep without making you tired.

One of the most important amino acids and most important neurotransmitters for motivation, concentration and at least productivity.

L-arginine +L-citrulline:
Ensure better blood circulation and a strong supply of nutrients and oxygen straight to your brain.