Esports Performance Tool

Together with Talent Pathway ID, we have created an esports performance tool. Through daily questionnaires in the morning and evening (approx. 3 mins each) our AI system will establish performance indicators and lifestyle improvements for the individual player and coach. Tracking stress, sleep, winrates, potential fullfilled, nutrition, sports and breaks. The player and or coach can see through their weekly report their results to understand better patterns that do and do not work. Below you will see just a few of the metrics we are gathering in order to detect pattern for the player and coach. We wanted to create a tool that saves time, improves health, performance and efficiency. Therefore its about the quality rather than just quantity.

Big Data v’s the Right Data
TPiD uses the right data; providing intelligent analysis and efficiencies, both in
resource time and costs.

We know there are several challenges in esports :

Identify – Health & Well-Being

  • Player well-being is priority
  • iDentify changes in normal patterns
  • Early intervention to help prevent downtime, sickness, injury and absenteeism
  • Understanding the human and player

Develop – Focus & Energy

  • Reduce and refine data analysis
  • Data intelligence for players & coaches
  • Real-time, holistic, and evidenced based insights
  • Understanding the human and player/coach

Deliver – Performance

  • Complete personal history of all data
  • Allows coaches to monitoring holistically
  • A real time pattern of the most important factors
  • Hypothetical modelling of changes
  • Unique richness of understanding

Dashboard Monitoring : Performance KPIs/ Physical Activity Breakdown

Example 1 : (left) Overview winrate, games played, hours of sleep, sleep quality, stress score recently, weekly monthly.
(right) Overview: Phyisical activity breakdown, recently, weekly, monthly, compared to different kinds of sports + winrate.

Dashboard Monitoring : Latest scores / Percentile Scores / Drinks consumed breakdown

Example 2 : (left) Overview winrate, games played, hours of sleep, sleep quality, stress score recently, weekly monthly.
(right top) Overview: Percentile scores, rankings within the team / organisation / community.
(right bottom) Overview: Drinks consumed, cotaining Water, Soda, Caffeinated drinks

Our solution

Identify – Health & Well-Being

  • Detect abnormalities in health
  • Detect pain and injury signs
  • optimize sleep
  • understanding the human and player

Develop – Focus & Energy

  • Create individual plans for players
  • Understand their stress
  • Optimize the focus
  • Cut all unneccesary activities

Deliver – Performance

  • Optimize performance
  • Getting the player on point
  • Creating routines for game day
  • Winning more games

    We are currently talking to many organisations, teams and players / coaches to allow a trial period to gain knowledge about yourself, the program and how this will benefit performance, health and efficiency. Our players and coaches at Achieveminds had over the last months already the chance to use our esports performance tool. Reach out if there is interest or questions. ( or through Linkedin and Twitter.