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It’s a pleasure to work with HORIZM,

Horizm unlocks the digital audience opportunity in sport, connecting brands and media buyers interested in reaching sports fans with rights holders looking for ways to better value and monetize their digital content. Our proprietary Marketplace – the first fully transactional marketplace in the sports industry – currently aggregates over $1.5bn of digital inventory, offering brands a convenient and effective route to target customers through the highly engaged medium of sports content. This inventory is accessed through contracted agreements with sports rights holders to provide the complete toolkit needed to value, benchmark and monetize their digital audience engagement. Predicated on a more rigorous, more holistic approach to managing and selling digital inventory, one that is routed in understanding true market price, Horizm’s platform also enables rights holders, agencies and talent to drive more value for their partners and unlock new revenue streams from existing inventory.

Achieveminds is the performance consultancy founded by Fabian Broich, a pioneer in the creation of focused, high-performance environments in esports. Fabian has used his strong background in sports psychology to implement a holistic performance strategy for professional gaming athletes, working with teams such as the esports division of FC Schalke 04 , Danish esports organisation Origen (part of Astralis), and EXCEL ESPORTS.

“Whether in sports or esports, our focus is on supporting our guys the best way we possibly can when it comes to well-being and performance, to help them improve their game. Now, through working with Horizm, we have the tools to improve their digital performance as well, through providing insights across their different accounts that will help them define their brand, deliver better content and create new fandom”

Fabian Broich, Founder, Achieveminds

Welcome Fabian and Achieveminds!